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A quest is an entity that attempts to get its hosts to perform some task (i.e. to bring about some event, state or combination thereof). A quest requires some sort of planning mechanism. It needs to be able to evaluate whether its host(s) are making sufficient progress toward accomplishing the fulfillment of the quest. A quest has (usually) limited powers to affect character attributes and events to reward its hosts for making progress or to punish them for being inattentive to the quest's requirements. For example, a quest may make a host character's strength or health be exceptionally good when the quest is "pleased" with them, but debilitatingly poor if the character decides to abandon or postpone the quest.

Propagation of Information

Information is not instantly known to all entities within a world. Instead, it must be propagated through the world by vectors or carriers. This is true whether the information is sound carried on the air, or news carried by traders or minstrels.

Suppose a character blasts a hole in a wall. Non-player characters can use the hole in planning their paths, but only if they are "supposed" to know about it by either word of mouth or by experience (e.g. coming within sight of it).

Sound propagation has a power rating, which falls off with the square of the distance from the source in open spaces, but more linearly along corridors or other confining channels. Sound can be attenuated and distorted through closed doors, etc. Sound also becomes more distorted (less distinct) as it travels further from the source or reflects off of surfaces.

Both sound and light have a directional nature; they are perceived as coming from a particular direction. A source of light can only be directly perceived if one is looking that way, but indirect perception is also possible as nearby objects are illuminated by a light source that may not be directly visible.


Language-independent conversation engine

Components of a speech utterance:

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