The Rabid Snertling Game

Single-player, with no particular barrier to multi-player

Windows95 platform

Graphic interface

No sound

Mouse interface


2-D game world

Multiple "levels"

Dungeon environment

Binary terrain (passable, not passable)

Collision detection

One tile per character / object

Real-time (i.e. not turn-based)

Some random quality to movement events

For Later Versions


Missile weapons


Town environment

Varied terrain

Characters / features can occupy an area of tiles (i.e. not just one tile in extent)

Lighting effects

Group intelligence / tactics

Snertling AI

Awareness of characters is based on range, line of sight, or other criteria (i.e. characters are not all-knowing, but must be able to perceive to be aware).

Approach via path-finding with obstacle avoidance

Engage / Disengage decision considers: location terrain other entities as obstacles

The peek-a-boo problem: Does out-of-sight imply out-of-mind? Or is there a belief that an object or entity is at or near the last observed location?

Snertling Activities

Search for opponent

Approach opponent

Attack opponent

Disengage opponent

Block opponent action (e.g. prevent opponent from reaching exit)

Guard object / area

Rest / sleep / recover

Dormant: not an active part of the game (e.g. no opponent on its level)

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